The Crown

The Crown
Hansard, from 22 August at the National Theatre!

Monday, May 21, 2018

A Very English Scandal - Reviews

The reviews are in!

Praise for Alex in the Guardian:

"Alex Jennings, brilliant as a devotee with a shadow on his soul"

"The era’s moves to legalise homosexuality and the European and immigration concerns playing out in the background give the broader moment resonance, but it is the superlative work from Jennings, Whishaw and above all Grant’s tour de force that holds it together, humanises and makes sense of it all. Bravo et encore. Bunnies can and will go to the Baftas, I’m sure."

Full review at The Guardian.

Metro has this interesting one:

"A special mention to Alex Jennings who, while in familiar territory, is unmatched in the art of smarmy delivery."

Read more in: Metro.

The Telegraph also gives the show a good revie:

"The opening scene, featuring symbolically raw and succulent steak tartare, introduced a brace of Liberal MPs slyly at ease with saucy-postcard sexuality. (The other one was Peter Bessell, played with spiffing joie de vivre by Alex Jennings). Theirs was a world in which proud new labels – “gay” – rubbed up against furtive old euphemisms: “musical”, “on the spear side”."

Full review at Telegraph.

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