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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Alan Bennett on Alex Jennings

Alan Bennett talks to the Observers about NT50 and Alex gets a mention:

"After the success of The History Boys I found my next play much harder to write. This was The Habit of Art (2009), an account of an imaginary meeting between Benjamin Britten and WH Auden, and it was only when I set it as a rehearsal of a play that it began to work. It takes place in Rehearsal Room 2 in the National, the room reproduced so exactly by Bob Crowley that one had to keep reminding oneself this was not the real thing.

Playing Britten, Alex Jennings was well placed to perfect an imitation of me, which I suspect he had long been doing on the quiet but which he was able to put to legitimate use in Hymn and Cocktail Sticks (2013), two short autobiographical pieces which began life in the Platform slot before transferring to the Duchess."

Read the full interview at: The Observer.

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