The Crown

The Crown
Hansard, from 22 August at the National Theatre!

Saturday, August 17, 2013


Alex plays the part of Malcolm Muggeridge in the BBC Radio 4 recording of "How to Be an Internee With No Previous Experience". The play, by Colin Shindler, will be repeated this Wednesday at 11.15 on Radio 4 Extra. Tim McInnerny plays Wodehouse, Anton Lesser is Major EJP Cussen.

The story: In 1944, PG Wodehouse, the creator of Jeeves and Wooster, was questioned by MI5 after broadcasting to America from a German internment camp. One of the interrogators was an up and coming journalist called Malcolm Muggeridge. The other was Major EJP Cussen, who later became a high court judge. The stakes were high: one of Britain's best loved authors was facing the possibility of the death penalty.

For more broadcast times and to listen to the play check: BBC Radio 4 Extra.

Thanks again to Penny!

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