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The Crown
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Monday, October 29, 2012

London Evening Standard Drama Awards 2012

The longlist for the London Evening Standard Drama Awards has been published. Alex is one of the nominees for best actor for his part in Collaborators. Simon Russell Beale is nominated for the same play.

The shortlist will be announced on November 12 and the winners revealed at a ceremony presented by James Corden at the Savoy Hotel on November 25, when the recipients of five special awards will also be revealed.

For a full list of nominations see: London Evening Standard.


Linda Seward said...

Greetings! I was at the National Theatre seeing Simon Russell Beale in Timon of Athens on Tuesday evening. During the interval a man walked by with bright orange/blonde hair who looked just like Alex--and it was him! I walked over to him and asked if he was in disguise. He laughed and said that he had to dye his hair for the new role he was acting for the National, playing the part of Alan Bennet in 2 short plays: Hymn and Cocktail Sticks. That was the first I heard about it! There are a limited number of evenings--each play is only one hour and is on from 6-7 at the Lyttleton before the regular evening performances. Tickets are still available. There were a number of back-to-back performances of these 2 plays on Sundays, but those are all sold out. Alex also said he'll be doing Henry Higgins again in Paris during the Christmas 2013 season. He was utterly charming and meeting him again made my night!
Linda Seward

jolande said...

Hi Linda, Good to hear from you! I still remember your last meeting with Alex.... Good to hear you met him too. The announcement of the new production has been on the blog for a while. Do you still have the same mail address? Send me a message and I'll send you the latest update on all that.