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The Crown
Alex as the Duke of Windsor

Sunday, September 11, 2011

King James Bible

Alex will be taking part in the National Theatre's readings from the King James Bible. He is in the cast of the reading of the Gospel According to John on 23 October and 6 November. For more information and tickets check the National Theatre Website.


Anonymous said...

I attended a few of these readings, (including the brilliant berserk reading of Revelation by Simon Russell Beale, and Jeremy Iron's hypnotic reading of the prophecies of Isaiah), but without a doubt, it was the Alex Jennings (Narrator) - Andrew Scott (Jesus) double act reading the book of John that really impressed me. It was the best telling of the story of Jesus I've ever been witness to (though I confess, I missed Michael Sheen's Port Talbot Jesus play). Alex Jennings carried the thrust of the narrative with his crystal clear diction and emphatic reading, perfectly setting up Andrew Scott's brilliant Jesus (a more focused version of the "divine" Roman Emperor he so recently played in Gallilean for the National), who fumed with pent-up rage at the moneylenders, and quietened to a whisper in his acceptance of Judas' betrayal. Wonderful! Steve

jolande said...

Thank you for the review, good to hear something of the performance as I was unable to attend!