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The Crown
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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Electric Ink

Alex will be appearing in a new BBC Radio 4 comedy called "Electric Ink". This will be a six-part series starting on Friday 5 June.

The BBC Press Office provides the following information:

"Robert Lindsay stars as old-school hack Maddox Bradley, in this satire set in the world of journalism.

Finding himself lost in the ever-changing world of newspapers, Maddox struggles to keep up with new technology and marketing techniques. He feels the art of getting out there and finding stories is being forgotten and he is not about to let that happen. So he intends to remind his colleagues that journalists are meant to ask difficult questions and report proper news – and turns his nose up at soft-sell celebrity interviews, rehashed PR stories and the lifestyle questionnaire.

Written by well-known satirist Alistair Beaton and comic writer and journalist Tom Mitchelson, the cast also features Alex Jennings as the Editor, Elizabeth Berrington as the News Editor, Ben Willbond as Head of Online, Zita Sattar as Marketing Director and Debbie Chazen as Head of Moderation."

Thanks, once again, to Penny!

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Wonderful! :-)

Lori in Florida