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The Crown
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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Cry Babies - Radio 4

Alex plays Dr Rossiter in Kim Newman's Cry Babies, on Monday 9th of March at 2.15pm on Radio 4.

Cry Babies

By Kim Newman

It's the near future and busy, successful couple Angela and Barty Flitcroft want a child, but do not have the time to look after it. The solution is a genetically-enhanced daughter, Joy, birthed by a surrogate mother and reared to adulthood in a cryogenic chamber.

Joy experiences brief moments 'out of the machine', and as time passes each opening brings shocks and surprises as her parents and their society undergo incredible changes. And for Joy, stuffed with education by the machine but denied everyday experiences, life is not just a strange new country, but a frightening, confusing and often funny one, too.

Dr Rossiter ...... Alex Jennings
Angela Flitcroft ...... Natasha Little
Barty Flitcroft ...... Rupert Degas
Joy ...... Sia Berkeley
Roger ...... Colin Morgan
SleepLearn Machine ...... Sarah Douglas
Aruna ...... Emma Darwall-Smith
Jeff ...... Sam Alexander
Daisy ...... Kirsty Stuart
Ari ...... Rob Kendrick
Nurse Marketa/Girl ...... Emma Handy

Director Neil Gardner.

Edit: The play is available to listen again here until March 16th.


Radioguru said...

"Interesing DNA spiral!" Still my favourite line of yours from the play! Well done Alex, you sounded fantastic. Thanks for being a key part of my directorial debut for Radio 4.

Neil :-)

Anonymous said...

I thoroughly enjoyed the play, and this post -- thanks, Penny!

Lori in Florida

pennyforyourdreams said...

You're welcome Lori!

@ Neil: erm, we aren't actually Alex...sorry for any confusion.