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The Crown
22 April to 27 June at the Bridge Theatre

Sunday, November 23, 2008

My Year Off

The afternoon play last Thursday has Alex playing one of the characters:

My Year Off

By Robert McCrum

At the age of 42, Robert McCrum, the chief editor of Faber and Faber suffered a devastating stroke. This is a searingly honest account of his experience which includes extracts from his diary and that of his wife Sarah.

Robert McCrum ...... Alex Jennings
Sarah Lyall ...... Madeleine Potter
Occupational Therapist ...... Richard Laing
Paramedic/Speech Therapist/Physiotherapist……Rachel Atkins

Sound design by David Thomas; producer Karen Rose.

You can listen on the BBC iPlayer until Wednesday!


Thanks to Penny!


Anonymous said...

Alex Jennings has a wonderful voice; it gives depth and character to anything he reads, and whatever part he plays on radio or television. What a gift!

Anonymous said...

I am listening to a play (I recorded it when broadcast on November 20th 2008) called 'My Year Off' written by Robert McCrum, in which he takes the part of Robert. His voice is perfect for the part.