Lady in the Van

Lady in the Van
Opens 13 November in the UK

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

More From Toby Spence

Toby Spence has more to say about Alex in a preview in the Independent:

"In this production the actor Alex Jennings will play Pangloss. Can he sing? "Yes – he did My Fair Lady – but when you ask me a question like that, I have to ask you, what is singing?" OK, what is singing? "It's projecting words through music. Which is why actors often make fantastic singers." But has he a voice? "It's quite annoying – he can't read music, but he sings on pitch, and he's got a good ear. He's a really good Pangloss.""

The Independent

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Thank you -- these are great tidbits!

My friend is going to see the show this weekend; I've reminded her about programmes for us, too. ;-)

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