The Crown

The Crown
Alex as the Duke of Windsor

Friday, March 28, 2008

Hancock and Joan - The Reviews

Robert Hanks in the Independent was not impressed by the play but he was impressed by Alex's performance: "Ken Stott and Alex Jennings played Hancock and Le Mesurier, neither of them looking remotely the part, but both managing at times to evoke them quite beautifully. I especially liked Jennings's impression of that self-depreciating wave of the hand Le Mesurier did: such a distinctive gesture, but so hard to pin down, a matter of angle and speed that you could never measure."

David Belcher in The Herald was less impressed by Alex: "John Le Mesurier was the good old boy whom Joan married but didn't truly fall for, unluckily for him. Unluckily for us, Alex Jennings didn't get very far beyond providing a pallid impersonation of the languid Dad's Army star, an innate gentleman who chose not to kick up a bally fuss about having his heart broken by his best pal's theft of his wife because he simply loved them both, don't you know."

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