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The Crown
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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Penny's Review

Penny saw "Present Laughter" on Saturday, and her review is on her weblog "Penny For Your Dreams". She's also put up a few new pictures. I think she liked the production, and the lead actor....

"The energy level increased quite dramatically once Alex Jennings made his entrance as Garry. His huge stage filling presence really lifts the production and from that moment, you miss Garry when he's not on stage, because he is making the play tick and providing the intensity and dynamism that's required to make the play work."


"Sarah Woodward was great and of course Alex Jennings was utterly marvellous as Garry. He brought out the inherent comedy in lines that are barely comic in the text and is so charismatic that you forgive Garry his womanising, vanity and self importance. He shows you the human under the handsome veneer, the lonely man in his ivory tower (though it leaks a bit in the rain)."

To read Penny's full review: Penny For Your Dreams

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