The Crown

The Crown
Alex as the Duke of Windsor

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Live at the National

Yesterday I got to see Present Laughter for myself. After reading all the reviews a chance to make up my own mind. I had a wonderful time, laughed a great deal, and really enjoyed Alex's performance. After some of the slightly mixed reviews I was getting doubtful, but there was absolutely no need. Alex did take a slight fall towards the end of the performance and fell down the stairs. He hurt his foot in the process.

I got to meet him for a few minutes after the show and he was very friendly, taking time to talk to us in spite of his injury. It was very good to see him again! More news later.


Champagne Sparkles said...

Yes, details, we need details!lol

Anonymous said...

It was great to see you there, Jolande, and great to see Alex, whom we must hope recovers quickly! I'll send you my review tonight or tomorrow.

Lori in Florida