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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Jennings and Hytner

From our correspondent in the US the following link to a short interview with Alex and Nick Hytner on their working together:

Hytner on Alex:

The actors I like - and Alex is this actor more than anybody else I work with - have a speed of thought that matches a willingness to dig deep. There are a lot of actors who can access a deep well of feeling, but it is hard to do that and also keep on top of the lightning-quick changes from image to image and idea to idea that the best plays, particularly Shakespeare's, require of an actor.

The fact that we've worked together so often, and that we're very good friends, means there's nothing we wouldn't say to each other. We can get quite grumpy. But some of the most valuable things to have as a director are relationships
that last for the long term: people with whom you grow up and develop your ideas and your approach.

Alex on Hytner:

And he has given me such varied opportunities - although he rarely gives me parts that let me wear jeans on stage.

Our closeness does come into the rehearsal room. But there's also a lot we don't bring in: the gossip, our shared knowledge about each other's families, our views on other people. I used to think he was harder on me in rehearsals than anyone else. If he is tough with me, it's with good reason: I can be a bit lazy.

Full interview:
The Guardian


pennyforyourdreams said...

Hi Jolande,

Can I just say what a fab blog and if you are the same Jolande that maintains Much Ado About Alex, great site. No, really, it is a great resource and thanks for making it available. You're a star!

I'm a recent Alex fan and there's not much stuff on the web, apart from your site. Thanks!

jolande said...


thanks for the compliment!

I don't maintain Much Ado, Amber Loveless does, but I do maintain the Alex Jennings Picture Gallery.

If you come across anything that might be interesting for this weblog, let me know and I will post it,

Thanks again!