The Crown

The Crown
Alex as the Duke of Windsor

Friday, November 03, 2006


The IMDb credits Alex with a part in "Babel", and he mentions the film himself in the "Time Out" interview (see 29 October). The film opened in the Netherlands on November 2, and got very good reviews.

I went to see it and liked it very much. The announcement said the film lasts 143 minutes, but it was over before I realised. You get to live through four different stories, more or less related, and you need to keep your concentration, but it is worth it. The film is beautifully made, you can relate to the characters and even though it moves through continents, histories, languages and generations it all seems part of the same story, somehow.

As for Alex, I am glad he mentioned in the interview he would be in the helicopter scene, because the tiny bit turned out to be very tiny. I got a glimpse of him twice, just a few frames and not a single line. What a waste to use a wonderful actor as an extra. But that is my only criticism of the film.

Or maybe just one more, maybe I wasn't concentrated enough, but didn't the bullet come from the wrong

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